Buntis Clothing Haul | First trimester of Pregnancy

Welcome to the second part of the Buntis Haul series, so I will write down all the thing that I bought for me to wear during my pregnancy. So stick around and read more!


Buntis Haul and pregnancy fashion!


Well ever since I’ve been here in the Philippines, the number one struggle for me is I don’t fit into my clothes anymore And my underwear is like super tight.

I am growing a lot it just doesn’t look It doesn’t show on my face and my arms. So John got me lots of clothes. I’m very picky with clothes I really don’t want to spend too much on it. I also want to buy clothes that are high-quality because I’m so used to shopping around  everywhere. It was a challenge for John to buy any clothes because I really don’t want to get out of the bed. I really Don’t want to go out in the malls, malls exhaust me. What I hate most as a pregnant woman, It’s kind of weird after every time I go to a mall I just feel so so tired. One time we were going to st. Francis Square We were buying something else like we’re buying gifts for relatives that are having a birthday party so we bought the gifts and we passed by this little store This store is called Siam fashion.


I really like the material. So this is a red dress. I wear I wore this I’m going to show you a clip of me wearing it I really like this dress. It’s something that I can wear if I have to go to a special occasion, Pregnancy. It’s kind of like Nylon, it’s stretchable and it’s really sexy and has a really low back here at the back and a really low cleavage also, but it’s not too low. okay, I like the length of the dress. I love this the quality of fabric. It’s like the same quality that you will find in Thailand. and I really love it.

They said this is from Korea, though And the price is not so bad. It’s not overpriced so that is my qualifications for shopping I want good quality and good price I don’t care about the brand so yeah, so I bought a lot from that store, so this dress 499 pesos. I bought a bunch of their mini dresses which I I like because I can use them during pregnancy and also I can use them after pregnancy you will see I’m gonna model out to you some of the dresses, so this is a Razorback Mini dress


It’s length is short. I really like the top area because my body type is kind of petite. I could really go for Razorbacks, so this really complements my physique So I bought two razorbacks one in pale pink And the other one is in green or teal or Blue. I just like the colors. I also love that They are plain colored. So these types of clothes a I think this is an a-Line kind of dress Can wear this even if my tummy becomes super big already. I got them or for a discounted price. it’s like a promo price they are about four pieces so it’s 300 each. I’m really into bargain stuff and The quality again is really good. I can see by the it’s not cotton and it’s just the way that they finish the product it is nice as well  And the way it fits me it’s really good. I just love the color and I also got another one before but this one This has a different neckline it just has a regular Neckline it’s not razorback anymore.


I love the collar deep blue. It’s amazing! I love this color actually this color makes you look thinner when I wore this on my Pre-natal Check up, my doctor is kind of worried, the doctor asked did you loose weight? That’s what she told me And I guess I was thinking maybe it’s because of the dress because of the color of the dress and how it affects me So I really think these kinds of color makes you slimmer, so this is great and also the leg is a mini dress. I’ve got another one just for fun.


It’s three hundred for three pieces. This one is a spaghetti-strap dress but the same length and the same cut. It’s more really like super casual, it’s like for the house only I really wanted to buy clothes for outside wear so things that I could wear when you go to the church or when we go on the Malls. Those are the clothes that John finally convinced me for me to buy, Because I really kind of picky and I really don’t like those clothes from mall and then they’re super expensive and the quality is also poor. that’s why we opted to go to a bazaar. it was just by luck that we found that we we were looking at different clothing stores And that’s the only stall that I liked in St. Francis Square so those are the clothes that I bought for my pregnancy ware or pregnancy fashion.

I’ve been looking for pregnancy shorts or pregnancy leggings because I saw one when I was in London and when I came back here, I was kind of like looking for it everywhere, but I didn’t find one then luckily one day we went to the Robinsons department store. There’s a mommy area and we went there. We browse through it and they have everything that I’ve been looking for and more, Obviously, you can’t wear the regular jeans anymore because the the buttons it makes your stomach feels tight. You need something like this, so it’s a shorts.


It really fits Buntis or pregnant woman really well. I opted for the shorts because we are in a tropical country. I got this one on sale, its regular price It’s about 600 pesos, but I got this one for 400 pesos. They have lots of styles like wide, tacky and dark. I just chose this one. It’s a classic blue shorts and I loved it. I’ve been using this on the time and I only bought one because you guys I know that when you are pregnant. You only get to wear the pregnancy clothes When you’re pregnant and after that you won’t be able to wear them anymore. I just bought this one because I’m sure that I will be able to wear after the pregnancy. Make sure that when you buy you buy something that you can still wear after from the pregnancy. We don’t want to waste resources and money like that and another big thing that I had a problem with is the bras so By the first trimester.

I Felt that my bras are too small and they’ve hurt and they hurt all the time, so I’ve been using sports Bra. I’ve been using strap on brass Silicon bras ever since.

I Actually saw one on Youtube used by mini ikon going it’s a heidi klum bra.


Wherein you can take it out in the Middle And there’s still lace on the top This is kind of like the same, but not exactly the same because when you take it out You take the whole brown off in one side, no lace left but I guess I think that’s better than nothing. I don’t know how much is a heidi Klum bra and it might be very expensive, so maybe I just wouldn’t dream of that anymore, and I’ve got this instead. This is also on sale if you can see there is a sale sign, so  it’s 2 499 pesos for two sets of Bra and It’s 50% off so it’s 1250 so I’ve got a size that I know that I could still use even after I give birth. I started doing the breast feeding. if you guys want to see me demonstrate this bra click here



Also I have to add something that will help you in your morning sickness, it’s Katinko Balm! This really calms me down whenever I feel sick. It really helps out and whenever I bloated I put this on my body or I put this on my lower back to ease the pain.


So that’s it guys! That’s my Buntis Haul 2! Hope you guys like this blog!

If you want to watch the video version of this blog click here!


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