One Week After Birth Update!

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Hello guys and welcome to vlogmas!and today I will show you my 1 week after birth update! If you guys are interested, Just continue reading!

One Week After Birth Update!

The first part of this blog will cover my update and the second part will cover the washing machine that I won from Electrolux.

Mommy update

So after 8 days my edema is gone. I haven’t wear my stockings. I’ve been wearing that for the last 8 days, no rest i used it for 24 hours straight. right now I am using a bandage. This is the belly post par tum.

I am wearing the winks ultra binder. It’s very nice, my belly gets slimmer that fast at least that’s what I felt. My whole body has a lot of bruises. I used heparin for blood cleaner because my foot swells anyways, this is an update it’s not so bad the cs is ok i will still recover you need a lot of support I got a lot of help.

I feel much better now although I still feel pain on my c-section wound. I feel pain every time it was touched or bump with things. Breast feeding is still a struggle because my baby loves to sleep when drinking milk. There is a time that he will eat for 1 hour and there are time that he will eat for 5 mins then sleep. It drives me crazy. But now, we are getting the hang of it. I am struggling to have him latch, for example it takes a long time to make him eat.

I’m also wearing this nursing top from Vjmommy in shoppee. I really like that shop. I ordered another one in pink and it’s really easy to detatch. I find it very convenient that you can remove this easily, it’s also cheap.

Electrolux Washing machine!

Also I want you guys to know that the Electrolux washing machine has arrived. It’s really a good washing machine. Thanks Electrolux!

Here is a picture of the washing machine.

If you want to watch the Vlog version of this, Click right HERE!

So that’s about it guys for the 1 week after birth update, Thank you so much guys, See you guys on the next one! bye!

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