What’s In My Bag? Travel Buntis Edition

Hey Guys it’s Ruth welcome to my blog and today I’m going to list all the things that’s inside of my bag. travel and buntis edition!

What’s In My Bag? Travel and buntis Edition

Again this is a What’s in my bag Travel Edition and also a Pregnant Edition. As you can see I Am six months pregnant, and these are the things that I will bring as we are traveling to Palawan So let me start!

first Things first i need to have our Ticket! If you’re pregnant you need to bring your EMIS form or Expectant Mother Information Sheet That you filled and signed by the doctor so if you are more than six months you need to have this. All of the Airlines are like this. I know this because I used to work as a Flight attendant for PAL Express and for Oman Air so I’m kind of like Familiar with it. You can find the 6 +months of pregnancy in the part 2 of EMIS. If you are Just six months and Below Part 1 only so i own so i have two copies Just in case that my doctor signed and also very important if You are more Than six months Pregnant is that you have your medical certificate.

So this is the Medical Certificate so tickets and emis form and medical certificate Very important when you are traveling by air. Aside from that, I will bring something specific for Pregnant Women I bring lots of water with me. I will remove the water when we go to the x ray area. Also, I will bring lot’s of snacks. Because you never know if the flight will be delayed or what. You could always buy in the airport But it’s expensive there and i want to have my own snacks. I have here Healthy Snacks like i Have Fruits, I have prunes, dried Prunes, I have flat tops I have Sky Flakes and Dates. I will also bring tea and candies.


Another thing that I have in my bag is my wallet. So this wallet has cash has atm and other essential Stuff. I also Have my sunnies Shades. My Fan Just in case when it’s humid inside the airplane and also after we arrived there. I Have Here my Makeup kit So my full Makeup Kit travels with me by hand because sometimes it’s destroyed if it’s in the Luggage but If i do Put it in the luggage i make sure that it’s very well padded. I also Just want to retouch Whenever i want to.


i have this travel kit. I find it Easy that all of my things that i need are inside in one pouch. So that I wouldn’t search for it in my bag. This is personalized depending on my needs. Actually in the Airlines, they have Their own travel kit. For me, the most important thing is this eye cover, so i can sleep if I wanted to. I also have these earplugs if it’s noisy. I have this headset if I want to listen to music or Watch a movie. I have this hair accessories Like clips Hair ties. I also have Kantinko, to help sleep wherever I am. I have my Hand Sanitizer. before I eat. I also have this travel size perfume, it is Can Be By Prada. Also i have my Mints or anything that is candy and keeps your breath fresh. Actually today We are not going to be having a Very long flight. This kit has been very useful to me especially When  We travel abroad in long flights. I really like having this kit Beside me. It’s my comfort zone Everything that i need is in here Like i said i didn’t want to be like Searching Frantically for something. At least I know it’s all in here.


The next thing that i’m bringing with me is this book it is called the E-myth. This is the bible of all People Who wants to do business. I have already Read this but I Just like re-reading it. I’m Bringing this with me just in case the flight will be delayed or i’ll Be Bored. If my phone is dead then i have my E-myths.


I use this pocket for something that is easiest to search for. So inside there is ballpen  Lip-balm, keys, phone and usb stick. And also since I have a pen I also have a Notebook so i can write all the things that i think of randomly. I don’t travel Without the things that I list. I usually bring a scarf so you can use it as a blanket but today I’m going to travel with this really comfortable Jacket because it gets really cold in the airport.


And since we’re going to Palawan I have this hat. I will hand carry this hat because it will be disfigured if i put it in the luggage. It will be destroyed if i fold it.

So that’s it guys that’s my buntis/travel what’s in the bag edition. I hope you guys like it.

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